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  • Unique - A premier Nature Adventure Destination. Land of Eco-treasures from mountain high to ocean deep. A destination like no other. Highly diverse, idyllic, delightful. "Borneo..Java the great" ...Marco Polo [ PHOTO ]

  • Mount Kinabalu world heritage site and the World Class diversity and natural beauties from Sabah. [ PHOTO | VIDEO ]

  • World class dive site - ”No other spot on the surface of the planet has more marine life than this island….WWF”. 20 million of Certified Scuba Divers in the world. Targeted 1% arrival by 2020.16 Dive resorts with capacity of 800 pax. [ PHOTO | VIDEO ]

  • World class golf course [ PHOTO | VIDEO ]

  • Direct non-stop international flights. Opening of Kota Kinabalu new air-port in 2009 capacity to handle 9 million persons per annum.

  • Environment - healthy, safe, peaceful, conducive...

  • People - warm, friendly, hospitable, multifarious...

  • Value for money - World calss standard of travelling at good price. Less than ½ of the international tariffs.

  • Products - quality & variety, beyond beaches, nature, culture, adventure. More than 85% are leisure and recreation.

  • Accessibility - Easy and convenient. [ PHOTO ]

  • Location - strategic, virtual & formal capital of BIMP-EAGA.

  • Advantage - Mega biodiversity hotspot, marine & terrestrial.

  • Repeat Visitors - 40%.

  • Top Fishing Destination - “Sabah emerging a top game fishing destination”

  • Marine Tourism - “From Yangon to Manila Bay”….the new cruising palyground…miles and miles of idyllic cruising palyground…”Caribbean & Mediterranean of the East?”. [ PHOTO ]

  • Significant growth in International Visitors Arrival (“IVA”) - 1.8m IVA in 2005 registered an average growth of 25% per annum since 1999…best place for investment in Second Home with huge potential of high return.

  • In the heart of Indo-Pacific & Maleria Eco region - A mega biodiversity HOT SPOT. [ PHOTO ]

  • In the heart of South East Asia/ASEAN - Populations of 530m. [ PHOTO ]

  • Below the typhoon belt. [ PHOTO ]

  • Outside the “Ring of Fire”. [ PHOTO ]

Special thanks for Sabah Tourism Board and Scubazoo for the kind provision of the photos and videos.


Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a programme initiated by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to invite foreign citizens to come into Malaysia to establish their second home with a multiple-entry visa of 10 years subject to the fulfillment of requirements.