1. The Application Procedures for bringing in foreign maid

    1. Applicants are required to fill in the foreign maid application form by referring the checklist. The form then can be submitted to Immigration Department. Applicants are also required to attach a copy of the Malaysia My Second Home Pass for verification purposes.

    2. Any applicant who wishes to bring a foreign maid from a country other than his country of origin or any foreign maid that do not fulfil the existing requirement or conditions will be referred to the Director General of Immigration Department for further assessment and re-evaluation and approval.

    3. Upon approval, Levi and Visa charges will be imposed on the applicant.

    4. The Foreign maid is required to undergo medical examination in Malaysia and the medical report must be submitted through FOMEMA together with the applicant.

      * Checklist - The general guidelines given out by the Immigration Department for bringing in foreign maid.